Concordia University Chicago

Eric and Missy Hawley

In it for the long Hawl...ey

We're going to be running the full 26.2 miles together -- including the miles where Missy carries me.

When we ran in 2011 we experienced an incredible closeness in our marriage. Despite the tough training and long miles, we grew closer through our common physical challenge. Just like in our struggles in life, they become a lot easier if you have someone to walk next to. (or run)

This year we're running and raising money for Concordia's Health and Wellness Center. We both want to see a place where the Concordia community can exercise and be healthy.

This will be our second marathon, but first time to raise $6,000. Will you help us and be part of our story?


Just to sweeten the deal...

$30 will get you real time text updates during the race as we pass checkpoints

$100 will get you text updates and a sign designed by you that will be held up during the race by our cheering section - Cheer us on even if you can't be there!

$230 will get you everything previously listed and a FULL MILE SPONSORSHIP for both of us. Be sure to designate which mile you want us to run in your honor! We will plan to call you while we are running your mile.

Thank you

Our Supporters

  • 1

    Paige Craig

    Eric and Missy - I'm so thankful for your dedication to our alma mater!
  • 2


  • 3

    Mark Asma

    Rooting you on Eric & Missy!
  • 4


    What's more discrete than an anonymous donation? -Kasey
  • 5

    John Sorkness

    Keep it up team Meric ;) y'all are doing a great job
  • 6

    Daniel Mueller

    I love both of you! My college experience has been so amazing because of you two. Thank you :)
  • 7

    Luke Esselman

    Way to go you two!! Proud of you both & miss you a lot. Praying for your run & fundraising efforts!!
  • 8

    Janet Grimes

    Glad I could help. Love you both!
  • 9

    Jeanne Doherty

    Good Luck on the race to you both! I don't need any text updates, but seeing Missy carrying you...that would be a photo I wouldn't want to miss!
  • 10

    Heather Radzinski

    Have Fun!
  • 11

    Alexandra Fritz

  • 12

    Matthew Parks

    ERIIICCCC You got this buddy! Let me know if you need advice for training :)
  • 13

    Ryan Kastner

    Short term survival, for a long term success. Hope you are doing well!
  • 14

    Megan Chambers

    What a great way to grow in your marriage and in your health. Good luck!!!
  • 15


  • 16

    Jurgen Mumm

    Good Luck! No talking about what we used to talk about all night! :-)
  • 17


    Death Valley Roomies are calling dibs on the first mile that you guys stop to pee.
  • 18

    Rhonda Kaiser

    Clint and Rhonda
  • 19

    Paul and Beth Schult

    Great cause for amazing kids!
  • 20

    Heather Asaadi

    We are excited to watch you two race again this year!
  • 21


  • 22

    Christine Foster

    So proud of you both! Love you
  • 23


    You guys rock! Thanks for your hard work and generosity.
  • 24


    That's how y'all stay slim and trim!
  • 25


  • 26

    Brian Becker

    I'll be cheering you on!
  • 27

    Steffani Schneider

    Good luck, you guys! You're going to rock it, I just know it!
  • 28

    Fred and Eunice Spurgat

    Run Well!
  • 29

    John Farrand

    Best of luck Sunday!
  • 30


    Thank you! (I wonder what % of websites on the internet are about RUNNING?)
  • 31

    Debbie Hoover

    Eric and Missy, I love your the finish line is a long Hawl-ey!. Be safe.
  • 32

    Gayle & Charles Regan

    Good luck to both of you!
  • 33

    Gayle Regan

    Good luck!
  • 34

    Karen Hawley

    Your parents want the last mile, but stay off the phone and RUN!!
  • 35

    Paul Schult

    Thanks for loving and supporting Concordia! We love you! Paul and Beth
  • 36


    So great you guys run TOGETHER! Like the rendering of the H&W Center. Best of Luck!
  • 37

    John Hanson

    I dare you to drink a gallon of milk right before you start
  • 38

    Julie Rusnak

    YAY Missy and Eric! Proud of you guys for getting it done!
  • 39


  • 40

    Rev. Terry Dittmer

    Well done!