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Kristin's Running for Concordia University!

Concordia University is an important part of my life story. Trying to summarize the impact my time at Concordia had on me in a small paragraph is impossible. Surrounded by Christian professors, coaches, mentors and friends, I transformed from a nervous high school student walking onto campus for the first time to a confident high school teacher giving support to my own nervous freshmen. Somewhere in the middle I had the time of my life. Visits to Chicago with my roomates, snow flag football games, late nights in the art lab, 3rd North Mary Martha, Midnight Madness, honors class experiments, working in the library, softball games and zen practices, meeting my future husband...

I'm not sure how or why I started running marathons, but it likely had something to do with Walt Disney World. 26.2 miles is quite a bit farther than home plate to first base. Four marathons and seven half marathons later, I guess I can say I officially enjoy it. I am honored to be able to run for Concordia in October. Please help me in reaching my fundraising goals so that many more students are able to include Concordia in their life stories.

Our Supporters

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    Jennifer Batty

    Proud of you! Love you!
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    Alana & Rueben Stokes

    Good Luck Kristin! Cheering you on Big Time!
  • 3

    Paige Craig

    Thanks for taking this challenge for all Cougars - past, present and future!
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    Caciano Family

    Kristin, thanks for supporting us in shaping our very own youth into leaders of great purpose. And, thanks for going the distance for Concordia! C&M
  • 5

    Michael Stock

    We're proud of you!
  • 6

    Wallace Becker

    Go Kristin Go! Have a blast!
  • 7

    Kate Buesching

    Go, Kristin, go!!!
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    Jaime Bayes

    Go get em Beckers!
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    Diana Girard

    Good Luck Kristin!!! You Rock!!!
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    Blessings and Encouragement from Aunt Jo and Uncle Rick
  • 12

    Rob Gordon

    Enjoy the run! We love you guys and wish we were there! The Gordon's
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    Michael Stock

  • 14

    Kip Starnes

    Good luck1
  • 15

    Kassie Simpson

    Good luck, Mrs Becker!!!
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    Davis Family

    Phil. 4:13
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