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Schwab's 26.2 & DONATE TOOOOO...

It's not everyday someone wakes up and says I'm going to run a marathon...

After a long winter of not necessarily a lot of snow but cold weather, to the point my knees would sweat frost through my tights when I would run on the long days...(those in training like Atio Sinclair know what I'm talking about) After months of training in the cold, Atoi and I completed our first marathon May 4, 2013 at the Wisconsin Marathon located in Kenosha, WI.

What turned out to be a beautiful morning, one of the longest mornings ever to say the least ended up becoming a great gain of opportunity and inspiration! Though some people may say long distance or might I say, extremely long distance running isn't for contributing to Concordia's Fundraising know I will run on your behalf so you don't have to commit your legs to 26.2 miles!! Regardless if you choose to anonymously post or not, I will acknowledge every contribution by tagging your name or "anonymous" on a cougar paw somewhere on me come race day to acknowledge my appreciation for your support!

Our Supporters

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    Paige Craig

    Basketball Alumni - Way to show your Cougar Pride!
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    Lorraine Gleeson

    Good luck Melissa!
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    Otto Solorzano

    You are admired. Greatness must run in your family.
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    Best of Luck from Sam's Club!!
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    Elaine Pierce

    Best of luck to GIP's former grad assistant! You are amazing!
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    Craig Lusthoff

    Have a great race!