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Emma Runs!

I first started running when I came to Concordia in 2005. I had been active in sports all through high school, and I used running as a way to stay in shape once I got to college. I enjoyed running, but when I helped with the Chicago Marathon my freshman year - handing out water at mile 22 - I was certainly not interested in running a marathon!

Over the last eight years, running became not only a way to stay healthy, but also a stress reliever and source of pride and passion. I love running wherever I am (recently in the green hills of Ireland), and all those miles led to my first full marathon in April of 2012. On April 28 of this year I ran in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, encouraged on by good friends!

Both Concordia and running have played important roles in my life. It was at Concordia where my experiences helped me grow emotionally and spiritually. I met some of my best friends and most inspiring mentors, not to mention my husband, Jonathan Meyer. My time there shaped my life and career goals, and it seems only fitting that I use running as a way to give back to a place that means so much to me.

Please help me reach this goal to raise money for the Health and Wellness Center! And let me know if you want to join me for any training runs! :)

Our Supporters

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    Paige Craig

    From OK to MO to IL - You can do it, Emma!
  • 2

    Sarah Steiner

    I can't wait to cheer you on! Gooooo Emma!
  • 3

    Stacy & Mark Yates

    Run Emma!!
  • 4

    Joann Voelker

    With love from Grandma and Grandpa!
  • 5

    Wayne & Carolynne Bechler

    God bless you, Emma.
  • 6

    Kathy Meyer

    Glad to help the cause!! Run, Emma, Run!!
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    Joann Voelker

    Go Emma!
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    Donald and Jane Scherdt

    Go Emma!
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    Jessica and Heath Lewis

    Run Emma Run!
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    We will be there to cheer you on!!!
  • 12

    Jim Hayes

    Go Emma!
  • 13

    Steve Reese

    Good luck, Emma! We'll be cheering you on via Twitter!
  • 14

    Nancy Williams

    Good luck Emma. You are a great person.
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    If you reach your goal time -reward: Banana Fosters
  • 16

    Elizabeth Seris

    We love you! Go, Emma!