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I Run with Faith! (Aaron Hallien's Fundraising page for Concordia University)

Aaron Hallien is running the Chicago Marathon in October!


I have been running long and running strong. My training runs have been going as planned and I have felt pretty good overall! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughtful donations. I am truly blessed!

I just finished my longest run until the marathon this past weekend and it felt so good to be able to accomplish a distance that I never thought was possible. (22.2 miles) I am so thankful that God has given me the talents and health to get this far. All glory to GOD! Please continue to pray for the Concordia marathon team and I as we push on towards our goal on October 13...the Chicago Marathon. I am so excited! Bring it on!

The Chicago Marathon...

I am super excited to run my first marathon. I have run in 5 half marathons in the past but haven't found the perfect opportunity to run my first full marathon until now. I will be running to raise money for a new health and wellness center for Concordia University Chicago. Some of the best days of my life were spent at Concordia University where I worked hard to receive my teaching degree. Concordia was a great place for me to grow and become who I am today, and I am so grateful for all of my wonderful experiences there. Now I hope to give just a small portion back to this great university. My goal is to raise over $1000 for this good cause and I pray that you will join with me in this endeavor.

I will be running the race in memory of my sweet daughter, Faith Nicole Hallien. God gave us this miracle on April 3, 2012. She was born with multiple birth defects but was perfect in the eyes of her parents. Faith lived everyday with struggles and challenges, but always managed to smile. It is that smile, even through the challenges of life, that has been a shining example for so many people. God called her home on September 30, 2012 just 3 days shy of turning 6 months old. Faith was an example of faith and strength for us all. And it is the strength of that little girl and the unfailing love of a Savior that makes me want to Run with Faith!

You can read about Faith's full story at the carepages website. Become a member for free and look for her webpage entitled 'UnfailingLove'.

I encourage you to consider joining with me in giving for this great cause. And please pray for my health and safety as I train hard to run 26.2 miles in Chicago this October.

Running with Faith for Concodia University -

Aaron Hallien

Our Supporters

  • 1

    Paige Craig

    Way to represent the Class of 1999!
  • 2

    Barb Reyering

    Good Luck!!
  • 3

    Debbie Armbruster

    Your commitment to your Lord during Faith's brief life inspired all of us. Thank you.
  • 4

    Connie Dierks

    God's blessings on your marathon.
  • 5

    Kelly J Lang

    I will be praying for you! Kelly Lang
  • 6

    Jennifer Grisez

    We love you and know you can do it!!
  • 7

    Erika Mildred

    Good luck in your race! Our prayers are with you, and we are proud of you! Love, Colin, Erika, Emma, & Jordan
  • 8

    Shannan Robinson

    You will do great Aaron!
  • 9

    Steve Hallien

    Mom and dad support you in your run.We love you.
  • 10

    Aaron Hallien

    Donated by Ruth Marschel. Thanks!!
  • 11

    Emily Mathys

    Your story of sweet Faith is inspiring and the passion you have running and for leaving a wonderful legacy is admirable. Praying for safety, good health and great weather for your run! My cousin is running in it also! Tear it up!!!
  • 12

    Jason Hays

    Good luck Aaron. God bless
  • 13

    Susan Mauldin

    The Mauldins are cheering you on! Way to go Aaron!
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  • 15

    Audrey Renter

    Blessings to you and the whole family
  • 16


    Your heart is not only in the right place, it is inspiring. Thank you for baby Faith and the impact she had on so many lives in such a short time.....
  • 17

    Dean Tietz

    May God bless you as you run with Faith! Thank you for the opportunity to help you help Concordia.
  • 18

    LuAnn Kaaz

    Run with Faith!
  • 19

    Lisa Beckerman

    2 Timothy 4:7 God bless, The Beckerman Family
  • 20

    Aaron Hallien

    Donated by the St. Louis Lutheran Athletic League. Thank You!!
  • 21

    Melissa Moore

    "Those we have held in our arms for a little while we hold in our hearts forever" God bless you on your marathon journey!
  • 22

    Stephanie Juengling

    We love you and will be praying for you.
  • 23

    Martha Pohlmann

    Go Mr. Hallien! Run well for Faith! Martha, Kaleb, Wyatt, Sophia and Caroline
  • 24


    May the wind be behind you! Blessings, Pam
  • 25

    Steve Emmons

    God bless you Aaron and good luck!
  • 26

    Brian Lock

    You are over the top... All downhill from here!
  • 27

    Jill Ince

    Good Luck with your run Aaron!
  • 28

    Dan Walther

    Run fast! Keep Faith as your focus
  • 29

    Alan Wunderlich

    Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, do not be dismayed. The Lord is with you wherever you go!
  • 30


    Led by Christ, Driven by Faith
  • 31

    Aaron Hallien

    Blessings to Concordia and all that will benefit from the new health and wellness center.
  • 32

    Terri Gerhart

    Our prayers are with you!
  • 33

    Carol Perkins

    Blessings on your run!
  • 34

    Rebecca Brown

    God bless your Run with Faith!
  • 35

    Jennifer Roewe

    Aaron, run well with Faith! with love from the Roewe family :)