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Pamela Konkol is (gasp) Running for Reading!

If you know anything about me, you know that I am not a runner. In fact, you know that I hate running. HATE running. That said... I'm running the 2013 Chicago Marathon to raise money for Concordia University Chicago's new Center for Literacy. What?!? Yes. This is not only my first attempt at the Chicago Marathon, but as well and my first attempt at running a race. Actually, it's my first attempt at running in general. Yeah, I know -- it's crazy.

So... why in the world would I do this? Well, it's simple. As an educator, Concordia's new Center for Literacy is an important cause to me. And, Center development is being led by one of my closest friends, Dara Soljaga. Dara is absolutely passionate about literacy, and creating this Center is the realization of a dream for her. So, win-win in my book. Well, except for me of course; I actually have to do the running. Sigh.

I hope that killing myself, er... I mean, running for a good cause will be able to in some way assist the Center for Literacy in making a difference for the children and families it will ultimately serve. Thank you so much for supporting me in this ridiculous but important endeavor!

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    Paige Craig

    Thank you for your vision to share the gift of literacy!
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    Alan Meyer