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Rosa Reiber is really running--fo' realz.

Yes, it's true--and to be honest, I'm terrified. If you would have asked me to run anything in my life, (let alone a marathon) about a month ago, I would have laughed in your face! But here we are: 26.2 miles....

So you might be wondering, why? Why would someone ever do this to themselves? Well, I am still trying to figure that part out, but so far, here is what I have learned: Why not? So far in my mere 24 years of existence on this lovely planet, I have always found it easy to say the words, 'I can't' when it came to challenges.

I have had the sincere privilege of being both an Alumni (class of 2010) and a current staff member for Concordia University Chicago in the Office of Undergraduate Admission. If I had to say one thing that I love and appreciate the most about CUC, It is hands down the community of people. It is truly amazing to really think about the different people who have graced these halls over the years. All of whom have had an impact and have made Concordia what it is today--my home away from home. The faculty, staff, and my peers have all served to make one thing clear to me during my time here at CUC--they love me and will support me through all of life's challenges.

The best part about this all, and most importantly, is the ever present love and support that I get from God who has always been faithful and will always be faithful to those who love and serve Him. He desires to do things for our good and for His glory. He has always managed to put people and events in my life to challenge me and let me know when it is the right time to take the next step. For some reason, I feel it is time to take that next step. It is my sincere desire throughout this marathon process to be physically, mentally, and spiritually challenged and changed for the better. Instead of automatically thinking that 'I can't,' I'm beginning to think, 'I'm going to try.' Because honestly, 'Why not?'

Please support me as I take these next steps forward in faith. I will be running, walking, breathing heavily, crying, and probably a lot more of walking across the finish line in order to benefit a new Health and Wellness Center for the future CUC Community.

Our Supporters

  • 1

    Faith Decker

    Go Rosa! I'm so proud!
  • 2

    Paige Craig

    Your running goal is such an inspiration - Go, Rosa!
  • 3

    Josh Wingfield

    You blow MY freaking mind!
  • 4

    Sherri Nienass

    The challenge will be rewarding. :)
  • 5

    Jaymes Hayes

    Good Job!
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  • 7

    Steffani Schneider

    Run it, Rosa!!
  • 8

    Robin Bivona

    You continue to amaze! Go Rosa and Go Cougars!
  • 9

    Ryan Moore

    You got this!
  • 10

    Gladys Dittmer Dittmer

    It's a pleasure to support you, Rosa, and to support my alma mater, Concordia, RF. Thank you for thinking of me. I have wonderful memories of you as my little Kdg. kid, and am thrilled to be helping RF (and you) in this fundraiser.
  • 11

    Andrew Bartelt

    Good for you!
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  • 13

    Karen Hawley

    You're effort is inspiring! How will you know if you don't try? Go girl!
  • 14

    Sandra Rodriguez

    Rosa I will be praying that you accomplish what you set out to do not only in this race but in all areas of your life! Love ya Mommy Sandy!
  • 15

    Connie Reiber

    We love you and are very proud of you! Mom and Dad
  • 16

    Barbara Rehn

    Run Well!
  • 17

    Connie Reiber

    Rosa, I know you can do this! Love Grandma
  • 18

    Connie Reiber

    Good Luck Rosa! Love Fred
  • 19

    Crystal Jones

    so proud of you!!
  • 20

    Rachael Kretschmar

    I'm so proud of you!!
  • 21

    Eric and Missy Hawley

    Glad to be on this journey with you!