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Steve Landgraf + Birthday + Chicago Marathon + CUC = $$$$ For Health & Wellness Center


So, I'm not a runner at all. Well, I did run ONE 5K in 2009, but that was mainly just because it was part of the MLB All-Star Game festivities in St. Louis. I also ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K earlier this year (pictured on the right). I know people who have run half-marathons and marathons, and that always sounded really nice and impressive - for them. But it always sounded really impossible for me! But if you fast forward to today, I've now been training for the Chicago Marathon for the past 18 weeks! Let me rewind for just a minute and explain how I went from not running at all to training for a marathon...

God has a way of pushing you to do things that are beyond yourself. As 2012 was drawing to a close, I watched a story about an athlete that had recently run the Chicago Marathon. That seems harmless enough, but that story got stuck in my head. Like I said, I felt that running a marathon would be an impossible thing for me, but then I started to realize that was EXACTLY why I had to do it. I needed a goal for 2013 that I'd have to rely on God to accomplish, and running the Chicago Marathon seemed like just such a goal.

In case I was looking for reasons to back out of this crazy goal, God gave me further confirmations. I found out that the Chicago Marathon was on my BIRTHDAY: 10/13/13. Then I found out that Concordia University Chicago (where I serve as an Undergraduate Admission Counselor) was sponsoring a charity team for the 2013 Marathon. Although I've only been at CUC for a short time, I've quickly grown attached to the Concordia community and the students that attend here. Raising funds for the new CUC Health and Wellness Center will only make my personal goal of completing the Chicago Marathon on my birthday that much more rewarding!

I'm hoping to raise at least $1,000 for the CUC Health and Wellness Center as part of my FIRST EVER marathon experience. Will you join me as I work towards these goals?

'Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us...' - Hebrews 12:1

Our Supporters

  • 1

    Paige Craig

    What a way to celebrate your birthday - Can't wait to celebrate at the finish line!
  • 2

    Ingrid Schwoerer

    You can do it Slimb!!!!
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  • 4

    Christy Weintraub

    Run Stevie Run!!!!
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  • 6

    Jeremy Smith

    Why did the pig quit running the marathon? He had a problem with his hamstring!!! Go get 'em Sandgraf!
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  • 9

    John Brunette

    Run well! Stay focused. . .be grateful you still can!
  • 10

    Rachel Queen

    Run well my friend!
  • 11

    Sara Sanchez

    Good Luck, Steve!
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    Have fun!
  • 13

    charles Peterman

    Peterman Chuck
  • 14

    Mary Frances Meade

    Don't forget to breathe! :)
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  • 16

    Steffani Schneider

    Good luck, Mr. Landgraf! Run it, run it!
  • 17

    ryan stover

    For the tax write off
  • 18

    Gary Allison

    Run Forest run!
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  • 20

    Danielle Burke

    Congrats on your first marathon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You're the "best in the world"!
  • 21

    Arlin Peebles

    This is your year.
  • 22

    Anna Davis

    Good luck Steve!! We are so impressed with all your hard work! And... happy birthday!
  • 23

    Joe Doyle

    I hope you carbo load like a champ!
  • 24

    Nathan Lawrence

    Being an artist, I usually encourage people to break a leg! I won't be doing that this time.
  • 25

    Lindsay Theiss

    Congrats Landgraf! Steve and I were rooting for you. Next up should be a triathlon. Combine bikes and swimming, two of your favorite activities!
  • 26

    Emily Beckman

    You are a rock star!
  • 27

    Eric and Missy Hawley

    Glad to be on this journey with you!
  • 28

    Lori Carbone

    Well you know we wished you Good Luck and we prayed for you and you did it!! Congrats Uncle Steven!
  • 29


    Well done!