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Amy Grieashamer: The Tale of a future librarian, and longtime runner, running for literacy

Since I was 14, running has been a huge part of my life, that being said, at 23, I am ready to run my first marathon. At eighteen Christ found me, and I took up my cross to follow Him and run for His Glory. I want to run my first marathon for my Lord and Savior, because just like running, He has always been there for me. Running is my best friend, it has been there for me through the good and bad times, through heartache and breakups, along with struggles of family and life. I'm ready to put my perseverance of adversity to the test and run for a cause I feel passionate about, which is literacy, since along with running my other passions are books and art. It breaks my heart when I still hear that there are not enough programs out there to help people learn how to read. I'm currently pursuing my master's degree in the library science and information program at Dominican, and so as a future librarian, literacy is very important to me. Please help me reach this goal, because I believe a little goes a long way! :) I'm honored to run this marathon for my Lord and Savior, my fellow cougars that I just recently graduated from this past May, and all those who have continued to love and support me throughout the years. This marathon is dedicated to you.

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    Christian Sorensen

    Good luck in your marathon, Amy!
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    Paige Craig

    Way to go, Amy!
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    Rachel Powell

    Go get 'em, Amy! I'm proud to be your friend. Jesus loves you!
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    Cheryl McLean

    Good Luck Amy
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    Frank Grieashamer

    Go Beast Go
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    Daniel Antioho

    Glad to support your efforts
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    This is from Andy S. Go Amy
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    Joe (Tiny) says GO AMY
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    Andy Ybarra

    Good Luck!
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    patrick montana

    Good Luck!
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    Patricia Odelson

    Odelson & Sterk, Ltd. wishes you lots of luck Amy
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    Ron Heller

    Run well!
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    Roseann Wyeth

    Best of luck Bestie! Love you!