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Green for the Dean (actually for the students)

The 2013 Chicago Marathon will be my 4th marathon however my first since 2007. This year I'm excited to run (survive) the marathon to support Concordia University Chicago and its students. I have been blessed to serve CUC as Dean of Students for nearly 10 years and being able to run for the students in support of the new health and wellness center is a genuine honor. The students, and the CUC community, have long had a commitment to health and wellness and in 2014 will have a new facility to meet their needs. In an effort to make this new facility a reality I, along with 50 other runners, are pledging to raise at least a $1000 a piece and running 26.2 miles on October 13th. I would kindly ask that you prayerfully consider a donation to this cause. Your gift can be small or large. The size of the donation is not nearly as important as the intent behind it. By donating to this cause, you are helping to further the mission of Concordia and helping to create lasting memories for the next generation of Concordia students.

My apologies for the grainy picture. I was running really fast :)

Our Supporters

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    Paige Craig

    Way to lead, Jeff!
  • 2

    Kevin Brandon

    Dean Hynes, you'll make it!!
  • 3

    Jerry Pinotti

    Leaders Lead
  • 4

    Adam Smith

    Good luck Jeff!
  • 5

    Paul Hynes

    I'll pay a 100 bucks to see ya run so fast that things get blurry! Just kidding, good luck to you bro.
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    David Risch

    Blessings as you RUN for HIS Kingdom!
  • 8

    Jeffry Busche

    Good Luck, I work with your Brother!
  • 9

    paul koester

    good luck jeff hynes, thanks for doing.
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    Roy Koester

    Good Lutheran LCMS-go Jeff
  • 12

    Kyle Macey

    Good Luck, Jeff! We are behind you 100%
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    Randy Awrey

    Go Get 'Em!
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    Continue to make a difference in other's lives. It means to world to maybe just one but that's more than enough.
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    Go Cougars!
  • 17

    Tina Hynes

    We are so proud of you dad!! Love, Madison, Cooper & Kendall
  • 18

    Coach Mott

    More Green for the Cougars!
  • 19

    Jeff Kline

    Good luck Jeff! Let me know when you get the Knee Replacement Surgery fund going.....
  • 20

    Gregory White

    Good Luck Jeff !