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Jason Hoyt was Talked Into Doing This by Joel Wickboldt - What Kind of Friend is That?

Well - Joel Wickboldt had this great idea to run the Marathon on his birthday in 2013. And somehow he convinced me that since my birthday is October 4th - and we used to celebrate our birthdays together - then I should join him.

Then Concordia started this awesome group - so now I have two reasons to succeed. I'm raising funds for Concordia to continue its mission of bringing education rooted in a Christian values system to students for 150 more years to come.

And to prove that I'm not smart enough to know a stupid way to spend a birthday weekend when I see it.

Our Supporters

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    Paige Craig

    Kick this Bucketlist to the Curb - Go, Jason!
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    Anne and Jeff Anderson

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    Ruth Perry

    Carpe Diem!!