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Reading is My Lifeline

As I ponder how books have influenced who I am, I am motivated by the reality that others may never know the great joy of reading. Imagine not being familiar with Anna Karenina, Uriah Heep, Walt Whitman, or your most influential books, poems, and characters. Imagine not being able to read the newspaper or magazines. Imagine not being able to read the Bible. I have had the opportunity to serve as a literacy tutor and understand the hole in someone's life when they cannot read. I am running so that CUC may help others learn the magic of reading. Every step I take in training is a potential word that someone may one day learn, a passage into a world they didn't know existed. Every step brings someone closer to the joy of reading. Please help me bring the joy of reading to others!

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    Paige Craig

    Thank you for your vision to share the gift of literacy!