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Em Runs The Windy City

Hello friends- I am currently training for my second 26.2! Crazy I know! I have joined the CUC running team to raise money for the new fitness center on campus. Back in the day, I can remember running on an old treadmill in the dingy workout center. I can clearly recall thinking that the university should upgrade the facilities! Well someone must have listened, because the new fitness center is AMAZING! Athletes and students can workout and train in a state of the art facility! This fitness center will also be available for the surrounding community too.

Those of you who know me understand that being active and education are really important to my life. As a mom and third grade teacher, I'm always trying to find ways to encourage kids to be active. CUC trains teachers and coaches to lead children. This is why I said yes to this adventure.

A little information about me: I am a wife, mom of three, teacher, graduate student, and kickboxing instructor who is always on the go. Running, believe it or not, keeps me sane! I ran my first marathon for my 40th and I'm looking forward to running Chicago!

Knowing that I have the support of my husband, family and friends, keeps me moving forward.

Here are some donation incentives:

$25 donations: I will donate a children's book to our library in YOUR honor. Props will be given!

$50 donations: I will dedicate a mile in YOUR honor! Props will be given for sure!

$100 + donations: A personal sign will be held up in YOUR honor on race day, mad props will be given for YOUR AWESOMENESS and a special shout out will be given during the race!

Certainly, I must have 100 friends willing to part with 10 bucks for a good cause! ;)

Thank you for your support!

Blessings to you!

Emily :)

Our Supporters

  • 1

    Emily Seltz

  • 2

    Nancy Banks

    Go Emily! Your staff will be encouraging you all the way!
  • 3

    AnnaMarie Mondro

    Go Emily! You are an inspiration!! :)
  • 4

    Sandra Seltz

    Good Luck - run like the wind!!!
  • 5

    Gina Spehn

    Go Emily! Rock it out for Jesus!
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  • 7

    ke wang

    Good Luck!
  • 8

    Paige Craig

    Thanks for taking this challenge for all Cougars - past, present and future!
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  • 10

    David Parzen

    Go get 'em!
  • 11

    Jill Buerkel

    Wishing you an awesome race! Proud of you Em!
  • 12

    Erin and Nate Guelzow

    Can't wait to see you run! We'll be cheering!
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    gayle axness

    Emily, we hope the wind is on your back
  • 16

    Nancy Wintermeyer

    Jesus will be running at your side. Love Aunt Nan & The Pingels
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  • 18

    Kimberly Prey

    You're amazing Em!!! Love ya!
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    Love you - Aunt Sal
  • 20

    Katie Kohtz

    Run like the wind Emily!!
  • 21

    Marian and Jim Sorgatz

    Go Em! Cheering for you always!