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Alex Schmidt: Running with a Passion

As a new alumni of Concordia University Chicago, there's no better way to celebrate than to support the school that got me to this point. I will be running on CUC's 2014 Chicago Marathon Team!

My passion for running all started 8 years ago when a good friend convinced me to join our high school cross country team. With a little reluctance, I decided to give it a whirl. What was once a recreational afternoon trot turned into strides with passion. Running was a sport that no matter my speed I was always able to participate in, even now.

During the past year I have felt motivated to run a marathon because I love running and because of those inspiring people in my life. Just after graduation I ran my first marathon, the Chicagoland Spring Marathon in Schaumburg, IL. It was one of the hardest yet more rewarding things I have ever done in my life (it my top the tough workouts Dave Risch and Matt Beisel put me through on CUC's cross country and track teams...).

After having completed my first marathon, I am even more motivated to run another. Not only is it THE Chicago Marathon but I also get to do it in support of Concordia and run on a team again. Concordia athletics has had a huge impact on who I am and also my running abilities. As a thank you to all Concordia athletics and its staff, I will be running in support of the CUC Fitness Center.

I hope that through my running and your donations, we can help build Concordia for future students so that they may grow and learn while having an unforgettable experience like I did.

-Alex Schmidt '14

Our Supporters

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    Chelsea Smith

    So proud to support you, Alex! It's been a gift watching you grow up into such a beautiful and talented young woman!
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    Alex Schmidt

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    Paige Craig

    Running with you in spirit!