Concordia University Chicago

Matt the Running Musician!

I've chosen to run for Concordia because supporting Concordia is a cause worth running for.

In 2012 I ran my first half-marathon. Upon completing the half, it became a fitness goal of mine to complete a full marathon. In 2013 I began training to run a full marathon. Over the course of training I was able to complete up to an 18 mile long run, but stopped my training just short of the 20 mile run experts say should be completed before running a full marathon. I wasn't able to finish because I wasn't running for anything. I was just running to be in shape. I wasn't accountable to anyone but my own self-motivation.

I'm running with a team of people that want to see the world a better place and are using their own personal fitness goals to do so! It's a win-win for us all! Please be a supporter for Concordia and for those that strive to be better in Body - Mind - and - Soul!

Our Supporters

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    Dawn Novak

    Run Happy, Matt!
  • 2

    Matt Schorr

  • 3

    Missy Fuller

  • 4


    Shave the beard!
  • 5

    John Rathje

    So proud of you brother! (and so willing to be a part of this, especially with my mug in the picture! That was a great day!)
  • 6

    Mark Kisro

    Wishing you the best on your run for a great cause! God bless! -Mark and Chris
  • 7

    Lisa Chenot

    Do I hear the sound of an electric razor?
  • 8

    David Scott

  • 9

    Josh Ring

  • 10

    Rachel Queen

    Beard be gone :)
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  • 12

    David Caito

  • 13

    Mary Matlock

    God's blessings on a fantastic race!
  • 14

    Christina Brueggen

    I'm so proud of you darling!
  • 15

    william brueggen

    Run like the wind Matt.
  • 16

    Darienne Brueggen

    Thanks for doing this. Literacy is so very important.
  • 17

    Paige Craig

    Your steps are music to my ears!
  • 18

    Laurie Ohlendorf

    You Go Matt!
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  • 20

    Lisa Davis

    You're such an inspiration! Job well done! Best of luck with your marathon!