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Jacqueline's first marathon!

This is the first marathon I will be running and I am so happy that it is in my hometown, Chicago! I have always wanted to do a marathon but have always let 'life' get in the way. This year, I am commiting myself to train and run with the Concordia Marathon Team. I am currently training for a bike tour to Northern Wisconsin which is helping me also prepare for the marathon. Once the bike tour is over I will begin a more intensive running program.

I am very excited to be running to raise money for Concordia's Center for Literacy.

Link to the Center's Website:

'The Center for Literacy addresses the persistent achievement gap in literacy and helps work toward educational equity'

As a teacher at Concordia's Early Childhood Center, I understand the importance of beginning to teach children strong foundational skills for reading as early as possible. Children who are considered struggling readers by the 2nd grade are likely to never close this achievement gap. It is vital that we support programs such as the Center for Literacy so that students are given the best instructional support in helping them achieve their literacy goals.

I planto dedicate this run to my family and husband. Their unconditional love and support continues to motivate me to fullfill all of my life goals.

Thank you for supporting me and the Center for Literacy through your contributions!

Our Supporters

  • 1

    Jacqueline Van

  • 2

    Sarah Mayeda

    Go, Miss Jackie, Go! Love, Lila
  • 3

    Michelle Olson

    Go Mrs. Jackie!
  • 4


    Good luck, Jackie!
  • 5

    Adrienne Murrill

    Run, Jackie! You can do it! Love, Claire & Jack Murrill
  • 6

    Laura Yockey

    Good luck training!
  • 7

    Kevin Van

    It is awesome you are doing this!
  • 8

    Kathleen O'Connor

    We will meet you at the Finish Line! Good Luck!! You can do it!!! Love, Mom & Tom
  • 9

    Kathleen O'Connor

    Run Fast & Run Slow Aunt Jackie! Love Hailey & Lily
  • 10

    philip van

    Good luck Jackie Van. Phil and Joanna Van.
  • 11

    Paige Craig

    Thanks for taking this challenge for all Cougars - past, present and future!
  • 12

    Lillian Waldier

    Jack & I can't wait to see you at the finish line!
  • 13

    Kyle kimpel

    All you have to do is just Bolieve
  • 14

    Rory Utter

    Good luck Jackie. Rory
  • 15

    Jeffrey Van

    I'm very proud of you! Love ya!
  • 16

    Timothy Kruzel

    \m/ >_< \m/ Bang on!
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  • 18

    Nicholas OConnor

    Stop making the rest of us lazy O'Connors feel guilty with all of your strenuous physical activities. Good luck - Nick, Sarah, and Nick Jr/Nicolette
  • 19

    guy Cimarusti

    Have fun tomorrow
  • 20

    Mary McKevett

    proud of you Jackie
  • 21

    Mary Schauer

    You are an inspiration Jackie!
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  • 23

    Michael Zankl

    Go Jackie! Carole and I are so proud of you!